Waverly-Belmont (37204)

Waverly-Belmont sits on the north side of the Belmont and 12South neighborhoods. In addition to historic homes with architectural influences from Queen Annes, American Foursquares and Tudor cottages, there are many townhome and condo developments throughout the neighborhood. Waverly-Belmont has become a popular destination for both homeowners desiring a renovated historic home or historic fixer-upper, and first-time homebuyers searching for the perfect condo.

You don’t have to wander far from Waverly-Belmont to access the surrounding commercial offerings. 12South, Belmont, and 8thSouth are all within walking distance or just a minute or two by car. 8thSouth and the Antique District near South Douglas have exploded in recent years and are now dotted with restaurants, pubs, music venues, a bakery, and other locally-owned businesses and antique shops.